A Christmas Fair which took place at the New Adelphi building based at the University of Salford on December 6th has opened new doors of opportunity for Arts and Media students.


The event was aimed at launching January Extra projects. The main purpose of the projects is to provide opportunities for students to further develop their skills in web, video, audio, studio skills, and many more skills by working alongside industry professionals. Sam Ingleson and Helen Woolstencroft have discussed their projects with us and explained how they are beneficial for students.


“It’s the first time we have done it as a larger project” said Sam Ingleson, one of the project leaders. The Christmas Fair introduced projects such as ‘Quays refresh’, ‘The Big Heritage Project’, ‘Create Your Career’ ‘Actor Audition Techniques’, ‘Tech Fest’, ‘Arts in the Post-Truth era’, ‘Go Green’ and ‘Celebrate Salford’s 50th Birthday’ along many other small projects. 


Students have till 19th December to sign up for these projects, which will be held on various dates in early January. Taking part in these projects will enhance students CVs and increase their employability chances. 

Sam Ingleson, the Academic Lead for Engagement, has discussed the Big Heritage Project. She stated that this project involves working with Peel Holdings, Salford City Council and Trafford Council on a ‘Heritage Lottery Bid’ to transform the area around the Barton Bridge Swing Aqueduct. This will give students a chance to work alongside other students and schools; and built contacts within the industry, and if the project is successful, students will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of professional content for an augmented app of the area or website content.

The event consisted of showcasing and selling artworks produces by students. There were students from many different backgrounds within the media, such as photography, graphics, and film-making who were showcasing their work and trying to raise money for their final year’s projects.

Helen Woolstencroft, the chair person for the Visual Arts degree committee, was also present at the event. She explained in her interview, the reason behind her presence at the event, and what are the students and herself doing in order to raise as much money as possible for their Visual Arts degree show at the end of the third year, where all student’s artwork is displayed. Their main aim at the event was to sell students artworks and raffle tickets as a raffle draw will be taking place on the following week, which will give away prizes such as hampers, prints, paintings and staff artworks.


Everybody is welcome to the show. Woolstencroft mentioned that the course leaders send invitation emails to all schools within the University of Salford as well as sending them to other universities Arts and Media course leaders, in order to raise awareness of the event and attract audience.

Click here to find out more information about the January extras projects.


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